Como dizer "rodar a bolsinha" em inglês

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Português: rodar a bolsinha
Inglês: turn tricks


  1. They fell upon hard times — mostly from the use of heroin and turning tricks to pay for their habit.
  2. Melissa had not told her mother she was turning tricks to pay her bills.
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To just add some details.

A "trick" could be an act of prostitution or the customer of a prostitute.
A "john" is the customer of a prostitute.

(She turned a trick with a john who refused to pay her. Some tricks get mean and cruel.)

"Hooker" is a common name for a prostitute. (During the American Civil War, the army of General Hooker had so many prostitutes following it from camp to camp that they became known as "hookers".)

(Have you seen "Hookers at the Point"? It is a television special about prostitutes.)

A "strawberry" is someone who engages in sex in exchange for drugs.

(She about nothing but where she is going to get more cocaine and meth. She's a strawberry, and she'll do anything for drugs.)
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My suggestion:

To street-walk.