Como dizer "Sair com a cabeça erguida" em inglês

To leave with the head high

"Would you take your life apart? We leave with our heads high, or we don't leave at all." The Guardian

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To leave with dignity.
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Como idioms nós temos: 1- keep a stiff upper lip
To be courageous or stoic in the face of adversity.

2-- keep (one's) chin up
To be stalwart, courageous, or optimistic in the face of difficulty.

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What about "be the moral champion"?

- We believe we are the moral champion.

Cláudio Coutinho proclaimed Brazil as the "Moral Champion" of the World Cup 1978, won by Argentina. He alleged, correctly, that Brazil was the only team which did not lose any match. Argentina lost to Italy in the first round.