Como dizer "Se acertar (adaptar-se)" em inglês

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Como se diz "se acertar" esse contexto.
- ex 1"Tah se acertando com teu novo amiguinho?"
- ex 2 "Ele se mudou de escola pois nao se acertava com a professora".
- ex 3 (primera aula de ingles do meu filho aineu digo "professora, se acertou para dar aula para meu filho"?
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1-Are you getting along with your little friend here? It´s your friend/are your friends nice? Etc (among a lot of other ways)

2-Do you get along well with your teacher?
This is one way, but there others as well, with a kid you would perhaps just say do you like your teacher? Is she/he funny? Etc. Those questions may change with the age bracket of the person you address. In the case of children of tender age, asking if she is funny etc, it´s not exactly asking if they are getting well, but a way to break the ice (make the kid talk), as a parent usuallly does, prospectively and not directly.

3-One possibility would be to ask "what about my child? How is he/she doing?"
The way you meant suggests something else -even in Portuguese - that the teacher should adjust to your child learning style, etc. Not a good way to win one´s friendship!
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