Como dizer "Se eu fosse, tivesse, falasse" em inglês

Hello Mates!
Could you please kindly tell me how to write in english:
Se eu fosse, tivesse, falasse...

Thanks for the assistance!
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Hi Mariner,

This is conditional and there's four kinds of conditionals, I think. or three, I don't know. So, "se eu fosse..." is "if I was...", "se eu tivesse..." >> "if I had...", "se eu falasse..." >> "if I spoke..."

As you see, this conditional in which you express something improbable (is this word right wroten? hehe) or even a little bit probable, you use: if + past simple (and + would, the second sentence); but I know a very nice website:

I hope that helps you,
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Hi Lirium

Thank you for your help!

Welcome to this Fórum.
Thank you very much, Alessandro :))
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Can be simple like these: If I WERE you.. If I HAD
always in the past.

See you, bye!
Important to mention that the if I were... structure is also a kind of Subjunctive.

In this sort of "if clause", the verb 'to be' is always used in the 'were' form:

"If Bob weren't sick, he would go to the party tonight."

Se you!


"Improbable" is right, but not "wroten". The past participle of "to write" is " written".