Como dizer "Sem um gato para puxar pelo rabo" em inglês

Zumstein 1 31 420
Sem um gato para puxar pelo rabo = sem dinheiro, sem bens de arrimo, sem recursos...

Sem sequer ter um gato para puxar pelo rabo, como você pode querer que ele esteja bem?


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Without anything to call your own

I am nothing without Him but everything with Him. I could be standing alone and naked in the street without anything to call my own - no family, no friends, no home, no possessions and yet if I have Him deep inside where He has promised to never leave, I will have everything I will ever need - whether here or in Heaven! -

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Not have a penny to my name = sem um tostão.

“I didn't have a penny to my name.” Jane started going to the soup kitchen at the Salvation Army.
When we spoke, he had portrayed himself as a pauper, telling me that ‘less than a month ago’ he had been wandering around an air show with no money in his pocket and not a ‘penny to my name’. The leaked data painted a very different picture.
"When I came here, I didn't speak a word of English and didn't have a penny to my name," he said. "I never graduated from any college, and don't have a single paper that says I went to school, but I met people who helped me, and I worked hard. God was there through all of it."
Zumstein 1 31 420
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Not have a penny to my name = sem um tostão "furado".

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não sei mas acho que já tem um tópico relacionado:

anyway...minha sugestão:

poor as church mouse ... urch+mouse