Como dizer "Serviço de Despertador (Em um Hotel)" em inglês

Hi Guys,

Does anyone could help me out? I'd like to get to know how to ask for a "Serviço de Despertador" at a hotel, I have no idea how to call for it.

Thanks in advance!


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The wake up service gives you a wake up call.

Wake-up call (service)
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For other uses, see Wake Up Call (disambiguation).

A wake-up call (alarm call in the UK) is a service provided by most lodging establishments to provide a service similar to alarm clocks via a telephone.

The phrase has been used to describe a sign or warning that alerts one to negative or dangerous behavior or circumstances.[1] In east Asia, a wake-up call is commonly known as a "morning call."

This was of great help to me, so thank you yet again.

Happy new Year!!!