Como dizer "Seu cabelo está ralo" em inglês

Hey guys, could you help with this sentence " seu cabelo está ralinho " ? thank you already ;)

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PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
Your hair is thining out.
Your hair is very thin.

I would suggest a rewording to "thank you in advance".

You´re welcome.
thanks a lot Paulo, I really apprechiate it ^__^.
I just did not understand you saying " thank you in advance ", what do you mean ? that I never thank people who help me here ?
if so, I apologize, It's not gonna happen again.
PP says people usu. give antecipated thanks with a "Thank you in advance". For every "Thank you advance" there should be a "Welcome in advance".
PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
Ha ha, Marcio. I like your sense of humour.

Thanks in advance is a fixed expression, Roger. I and Marcio have this "inside" joke of sorts, that if there´s a "thanks in advance" than it might have a "you´re welcome in advance". he hee. :P

Thanks in advance is the English counterpart of our "obrigado desde já/desde já agradeço" in Portuguese.
PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
By saying "thank you already." you could be understood by a Brazilian learner, that is, he/she would by deduction see that you meant "thanks in advance".
But they would know that it´s natural English, would be "Portuguese in English", and some English native would scratch their heads wondering where you were getting at.

I always encourage people to be thankful and polite, and that´s not wrong with expressing your gratitude, whether by voting or by expressing in writing. You and all learners that think some answer was relevant, correct and/or useful feel free to do it. ;)