Como dizer "site quem perturba" em inglês

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This site has come in handy to many people (me including, it did). Sometimes you get some guys out there with time on their hands and decide to play pranks or try to steal your time.

In my case, the caller might have placed a two-ring call, then waited my calling back.
I saved them (it happened twice, with two different numbers) in my directory under the name "quem perturba" and never called back. Until they gave up for good! :shock:

So, in Portuguese:

In English:
(as you see it´s called Directory of unknown callers)

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Henry Cunha 3 18 183
Usage note: They don't "steal" your time. They waste it.

You could call it a "Do Not Reply/Do Not Answer" site. I can "block" such numbers with my telephone service provider. "Block" means that calls from such numbers will not ring through to my telephone.
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