Como dizer "tentei gritar, mas não saía nenhum som da minha boca" em inglês

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I asked my students to write short texts telling some weird dreams they've had. I want to send them to the, that is a site that illustrates and publishes dreams by children from all over the world. It's beautiful and quite interesting!

One of them wrote this "I started to scream but no sound emerged from my mouth". I don't think "emerged" is the best option here! It's too formal, isn't it? But what other word could I suggest? "Got out"? It doesn't sound good...

Thanx in advance!

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"came out"? Very common, not as formal as "emerged".

What an interesting project! One night I told ghost stories to a small group of Boy Scouts, mostly from El Salvador and Mexico. This is a tradition in the USA. The some of the boys started telling TRUE stories about what had happened to them in their home countries. I slept that night with the lamp on. LOL

Some well known writers have written scary stories, among them Ambrose Bierce, Edgar Alan Poe, Bret Harte, and others.
Daniel.S 1 2 7

I wanted / tried to scream but I was voiceless.

I tried to scream but somehow I couldn't

I tried to scream but my voice died out

should I say unvoiced insteado of voiceless?

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