Como dizer "ter grana pra torrar/dinheiro sobrando"em inglês

Adriano Japan 915 2 19
to have money to burn

Should people with money to burn be forking out 2-3000 dollars for a 10 day tour of North Korea?

Outra palavra para designar dinheiro, grana, dimdim:

money, bread

One of the reasons was so that I could speak Japanese with the many Japanese customers that Benihana had.
The other reason was so that I could save enough moolah for a ticket to go to the land of the rising sun. I wanted to travel to Japan and absorb as much of the culture as possible

to run through... = gastar, "torrar" tudo

I've run through all the money I saved last year.

shell out = pay out too much, desembolsar / gastar a bagatela de...

The average price of a movie ticket in the U.S. is $7.95 (about 640 yen). In Japan, you’ll have to shell out at least 1,800 yen.

Como dizer "Dinheiro suado" em inglês

spendthrift = "gastador"

Someone who is very careless about money and spends more than they need to. This word shows you do not approve of people like this.
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Adriano Japan 915 2 19

blow all the money = torrar todo o dinheiro

Even worse are the relatives in the Philippines who do stuff like ask for money to rebuild their house after a typhoon and then subsequently blow all the money "Thanks for the cash" party with lechon and Tanduay. Then they have the audacity to ask for more cash since the spent all of the first remittance...


JJ18 70 1
"leftover money" = dinheiro sobrando / dinheiro residual (que sobrou depois de todas as contas pagas, que é geralmente aquele que a maioria "torra")

felipeh6 2255 7 56

Another suggestion:

- to squander (esbanjar; torrar a grana)

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