Como dizer "Ter um bom papo, não ter um bom papo" em inglês

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Olá Pessoal,

Como é que se fala "ter um bom papo, saber conversar, ser bom de assunto; não ter papo, não saber conversar, ser ruim de assunto" em inglês?: to be a good talker; to be a bad talker

Boston athletes share their worst date stories with

Milan Lucic, Bruins forward: "There was one where there wasn't much talking. It was more so just looking at each other. There was no talking. It was quick, eat, pay the bill and get the heck out of there. I shook her hand at the end and said, 'Oh, this was great.' That was it. It wasn't even an 'I'll call you.' It was a 'see you around,' one of those. I'm not really into doing a date by taking them out to dinner. I'm more of a take them out bowling or doing an activity. For me, I've done three dinner dates and all three didn't really go too well. It's not that I'm a bad talker, I'm actually a really good talker. But I feel, as a guy, that I shouldn't be doing all the talking."

==>Não é que eu não tenha papo, na verdade, sou muito bom de assunto.

How can you tell if you're a bad talker?
Como você sabe se é ruim de papo?

I think people don't like me because I have poor social skills, probaly what people would call a dork. But I've got a great personality otherwise! How would someone, me, learn to get better at this? I hate having a list of things to talk about etc. I'd rather show my emotions through actions. Plus I like doing things alone, as opposed to a big group, maybe doing things with one other person would be okay. Two people's a group, three's a crowd - know the saying?(

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Also...Ter um bom papo = to have the gift of gab, to be a good conversationalist