Como dizer "tiro no escuro" em inglês

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Shot in the dark

If you have a shot in the dark at something, you try something where you have little hope of success.

I used to be an exec at another major Japanese company and found that Nikkei routinely published stories that I knew were false. Some of these, such as about new products or technologies we were supposedly working on, were quite detailed. But wrong.
Nikkei is known for running "speculative" stories, shots in the dark based on a whiff of rumor.
- mailman.japaninc

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Dar um tiro no escuro --> Stab in the dark/ To take a stab in the dark

How children's cancer is making parents 'stab in the dark' for treatment. The Guardian
A leap in the dark: an action performed without knowledge of the consequences. The Free Dictionary
Grasping at straws - When you are trying really hard to make something work or even when you try to feel hopeful in a bad situation but nothing you do actually works… you are grasping at straws.
You're grasping at straws, and you know it. É um tiro no escuro, você sabe disso.
Pode ser traduzido como ‘desesperado’ também: ex. Segundo o dicionário Cambridge:
Trying to find a reason to feel hopeful in a bad situation:
I knew my mother was dying, but I was grasping at straws and denying reality.
Eu sabia que minha mãe estava morrendo, mas eu estava me agarrando a qualquer coisa e negando a realidade.