Como dizer "Toda ação tem uma reação" em inglês

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Ex: Você brigou com o seu pai e agora ele não quer te emprestar o carro pra sair com a gata, você sabe toda ação tem uma reação!

Algo similar em inglês?

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It's actually Newton's Third Law of Motion:

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

I know a woman who had a fight with her mother and her father reacted by taking away her health insurance until she made up with her mom (she was pregnant at the time, by the way). That was a slight OVERreaction!

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Outra opção:

Every Action has a Reaction

''I love physics. There’s something quite amazing about the relationship between forces in the nature around us. Unfortunately, sometimes those forces cause a chain reaction with unintended consequences. Let me give you a couple of examples that deal with the large number of forest fires we find breaking out in our state every year. (As a disclaimer, I have to admit that I have a dog in this hunt. My son’s job away from college this summer is working on a forest firefighting crew.) With all our (me included) concern for that nasty habit of smoking, the U.S. auto manufacturers no longer have ashtrays build into the vehicles as standard equipment. While we may have thought it would discourage smoking, in fact it becomes a dangerous fire hazard. As we drive, we see folks who are obviously still smoking, throwing their cigarettes out the window. What else would they do with them?'' [ - USA]

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