Como dizer "Tolerância [drogas, medicamentos]" em inglês

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Português: tolerância
Inglês: tolerance, drug tolerance

  1. Alcohol has an identical effect to sleeping pills, that is, it also causes tolerance, dependency, addiction and withdrawal.
  2. Tolerance, as it relates to alcohol dependence and drug addiction, is often misunderstood by many in the general public. In the manner that drug and alcohol tolerance functions, it can be a safety mechanism to the body and, at the same time, deadly. This makes awareness of the subject critical for anyone who engages in alcohol abuse or drug abuse, as well as those in recovery. It can easily be assumed that tolerance means that an individual can drink more alcohol without getting drunk, or handle drug use in a seemingly controlled manner. With this assumption comes the belief that these “abilities” are an example of the natural differences that exist from one individual to another. While this is partially true, the nature of alcohol and drug tolerance is much more complicated.
  3. Drug tolerance can involve both psychological drug tolerance and physiological factors.
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