Como dizer "Trem fantasma" em inglês

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American English = Dark ride

British/Australian English = Ghost train

A dark ride or ghost train (United Kingdom and Australia) is an indoor amusement ride where riders in guided vehicles travel through specially lit scenes that typically contain animation, sound, music, and special effects.
A dark ride does not have to be dark. They are enclosed, so all illumination is artificial, and most use special lighting to achieve theatrical effects. Selective use of darkness helps hide the ride mechanisms and increase the visual drama of the experience. Disney's It's a Small World is an example of a brightly lit darkride.
source = Wikipedia
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I heard about a "ghost train" in Cali, Colombia. A taxi driver told me about a train that has lights and can be heard, but it cannot be seen. No tracks, of course. Urban legends are interesting and often international. For the past few years I've been interested in stories about taxis, and the some of the stories are repeated almost word for word in several countries. The two most common stories are probably (1) the girl who doesn't pay the fare and goes into her house for the money (the driver goes to the door and the girl's mother tells him she has been dead for several years), and (2) the girl who borrows the driver's jacket and forgets to return it when she gets out of the cab (the following day he returns and learns she is dead, and later finds his jacket waiting for him on her tombstone). A story I've only heard in Costa Rica is obviously a variation of an old Costa Rican-Nicaraguan legend. A woman gets into the cab, and a conversation begins. When the cabbie turns to look at her, her head has changed forms and is now the head of a horse. This is clearly the modern version of a story told here for centuries. I have not heard the "ghost train" story outside Colombia. Not yet.

"Phantom train"is another possibility.