Como dizer "Trocar farpas, Entrar em atrito" em inglês

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Durantes as sessões da CPMI, os parlamentares sempre trocam farpas.
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Para dizer trocar farpas, entrar em atrito em inglês, utilize:

Have a face-off

  • They argued. [Eles trocaram farpas.]
  • They had a fight. [Eles trocaram farpas.]

"I personally had a face off with two ex-FBI officials and I have no doubt they lied through their teeth on me." - The ATF might have prevented the Oklahoma City bombing

Bons estudos.
Avatar do usuário Simon Vasconcelos 4220 7 80
To clash

Cohen reportedly left the film because he clashed with surviving Queen band members, Brian May and Roger Taylor, over the script.
The Guardian
Avatar do usuário Henry Cunha 10000 3 16 177
A good equivalence:

exchange barbs = trocar farpas
come into conflict = entrar em atrito
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Durantes as sessões da CPMI, os parlamentares sempre trocam farpas.

In Bipartisan Parliamentary Inquiry Commissions (CPIs) both groups always squabble about pretty much everything. They just can´t reach a common ground, and nobody is willing to make concessions.

In Multipartisan Parliamentary Inquiry Commissions (CPIs) representatives always squabble about pretty much everything/pretty much about every tiny detail.
:lol: (except the important ones, ha ha ha, just kidding!)

And other ways...
In the first, just the boldened part would do, though.
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Trade barbs: If people trade barbs, they insult or attack each other ... awVTtKp.99

“Mexico election: TV debate sees candidates trade barbs
Avatar do usuário Daniel Reis 955 1 15
Olá pessoal,

Vi na internet duas opções para dizer "trocar farpas", são elas:

Exchange verbal blows e Exchange verbal jabs.

O que os experts acham? Podemos utilizar sem problemas?
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 42615 6 33 751
Though not an expert, but as an insider goes my two cents worth.
You could, but this seems like a bit of poetic licence, since "exchange blows" is when it goes physical, so appropriating of the meaning is a bit of a flowery and windy language.
One could just say that two parties are quarrelling (for example), instead of stating that they are trading verbal blows. But it could sound unnatural.
Of course it´s apt to a definition from crossword puzzles or some more academical parlance maybe. Anyway, it´s me here, others may find that it is okay and regularly used in their neck of the woods or then in their choice of words.
English speaking people tend to be economical with the words, they are more likely to use one word to express something than use a three-word equivalent (there are some exceptions to the rule).
The expressions "trading/exchanging verbal jabs" you is more widely found anywhere.
Avatar do usuário alexandre.santos 1605 1 4 34
Hello, everyone!
What about:
Throw shade (on/at someone) = to show disapproval or contempt for someone publicly but often indirectly


Segue abaixo algumas fontes internacionais usando to throw shade no cenário político

Well..I hope I have helped .. .Até + !
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