Como dizer "TV ligada causa depressão" em inglês

Henry Cunha 3 18 184
I saw this headline in today's Folha online:

"Dormir com a TV ligada pode causar depressão, dizem neurocientistas"

which I would translate as follows:

Neuroscientists say sleeping with tv on can cause depression

The article explains that this conclusion was reached based on experiments with Siberian hamsters without ovaries, but that the results could well apply to humans. They cited various biological indicators that supported that conclusion. The one they didn't mention was the one that occurred to me right away when I read the headline: my electric bill has gone up noticeably, from falling asleep and forgetting to turn off the tube.

By the way, in Canada, it's called a hydro bill even though less and less of our energy comes from hydroelectric plants.

I'm now waiting to hear about audio experiments, for all of you who believe in going to sleep hearing people speak English...

I thought the Siberian ovaries thing was kind of interesting too. I wonder if Eskimos get depressed with six months of daylight.

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