Como dizer "Um jogador apitar o jogo" em inglês

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Exercer influência nas decisões do árbitro.
Rodrigo afirmou que o zagueiro do Vasco estava apitando o jogo.
Rodrigo said that Vasco's defender was refereeing the game.

This is the one thing which annoys me most about football... Players refereeing games! (Robbie Savage)
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It happens!
But it seems like it´s apt to lead to ambiguity, as we Brazilians are misled to think in terms of the player be "apitando o jogo" (rather than the referee). By sheer pressure of a "celeb player" or a group of players of a team the judge would "chicken out" and yeld his right of refereeing the game (surrender to the wants of said player - or group).
From what I have read, it´s highly likely that it´s not the case, but that such "refereeing by the player" be the player "misleading the ref" (what could involve pressure or not).

“I’m not sure you can have players refereeing games because where does it stop? ... s-at-play/

To the specific cases of pressure (e.g., by celeb players) they would use things like that:
Thiago Silva says Lionel Messi tries to influence referees during games and says, admiration aside, the Argentine needs to behave better on the football field according to Globoesporte.

He wanted to rule over the game...

Neymar looks like he wants to 'referee the game'.
Notice the 'referee the game' - there was a quote-unquote thing to highlight a special use, here meaning that was the case of pressure involved; not (just) misleading per se.

Messi played the referee against PSG.
Here meaning that he "duped" the ref to do what he wanted (to the advantage of his team), but not necessarily involving pressure and manipulation, but misleading would be the stronger factor.

My point of view, though. This is one of the situations which could easily be both things as well. So, I leave the ball on the experts´ court.