Como dizer "vergoinha (vergonha)" em inglês

People could you translate this into english:

"Ontem meu compadre veio aqui e meu filho de 2 anos ficou todo envergonhado. Ai eu falei "ta com vergonha do padrinho?"

As vezes, meu filho coloca as mãos no rosto e eu digo "tá com vergoinha?", "Do que vc ta com vergonha?"tem vergonha quando vem gente aqui em casa?"

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Yesterday my compadre (1) came here and my two year-old son became (2) bashful (3). I asked, "Are you shy because your godfather is here?"

Sometimes my son covers his face with his hands and I say, "Are you being bashful? What are you bashful about (4)? Are you shy (bashful) when people come here?"


1-In English we do not have a good equivalent for "compadre". If we are talking about the godfather of a child, we may say "my child's godfather", but "my good/close friend/buddy" may also be used. I suggest you use the Portuguese "compadre". In the next sentence you will refer to him as your son's's godfather. "Compadre" is widely understood in the USA to mean a close friend, but you are being very specific in the next sentence when you call him your son's godfather.

2- "Became" is also possible, but "got" is more colloquial.

3- "Ashamed" means you have done something bad or you regret deeply what another person may think or how he will react to something. "Embarrassed" has much the same meaning. Obviously, neither word is what you want in this context.

I am ashamed/embarrassed to say that I voted for Dilma.
I am deeply ashamed/embarrassed of the treatment you received in my office today.

Shy/bashful/reserved mean something else entirely. They mean that the person feel uncomfortable in a social situation. Perhaps she avoids eye contact, maybe he is very quiet and reluctant to speak. "Reserved" is rather formal.

My cousin is very shy around strangers.
I you want another sandwich, ask for one. Don't be bashful!

4- What are you bashful about for? Note that I added "for" at the end. Bad grammar, good colloquial English.