Como dizer "você é 10" em inglês

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donay mendonça escreveu:Pessoal,


You're simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone, anyone. I' ve ever met!


Agora me lembrei daquela música "You are the best, arooound, nothing's ever gonna keep you down" hahaha
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As well as "top notch" you can use the expression "top hole" which can be accompanied by a gesture made with the thumb and first finger making a ring or hole.(Very similar to a vulgar Brazilan gesture.)
On my arrival in Brazil in 1983 I went for a work medical accompanied by a bilingual guy from work. The doctor asked me if I was OK and I told him I was top hole and made the gesture. When we left the doctor's surgery my "transalator" was rolling on the floor laughing as I had just told the doctor he was an *sshole.

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The sign is not that vulgar, we use it for "OK" too, but it may be according to the region, in my state (Santa Catarina), at least, it isn't.
I think it could be:
You´re the one.
You´re the best.
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Usually I use " you are rock" or "you are top notch" it is very commun on american series.
Eu usaria "you're the best" ou "you rock" (rock verbo, não o "adjetivo"), assim como "you rule".
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claudemircloud escreveu:Usually I use " you are rock" or "you are top notch" it is very commun on american series.

"You are rock" não tem esse sentido, "you are rock" é "você é (resistente como) uma pedra", para o sentido de "você é 10" ou "você é o cara" tem que ser "you rock", usando "rock" como verbo.