Como dizer "você vai passar seu pai daqui alguns anos" em inglês

Gabi 1 1 15
Hi there,

Por favor galera, alguém sabe como dizer
"Você vai passar seu pai daqui a alguns anos?"

O contexto é o de uma pessoa dizendo para um menino que ele vai ficar mais alto que o pai dele, quando
ficar mais velho.
Eu pensei em "You're going to get taller than your dad in a few years"
Mas não é isso que eu quero, eu quero saber se há uma forma de dizer esse "passar"

Obrigada, boa semana para todo mundo!

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maryziller 1 2
You can't really say
you'll physically out grow, surpass, pass up or supercede your Dad in height because they all sound contrived and unnatural.

Your sentence, "You're going to get taller than your dad in a few years" sounds good, but I would say, "You're going to be taller than your dad in a few years."
Gabi 1 1 15
Hi Mary,thanks for helping me out.
But now I've got another question.
Why would you say " ...going to be taller..." instead of "...going to get taller..."?
I mean, what I'd be happy to know is, if the use of "get" is not preferable because it might sound too colloquial.
Is it?
If either ways are corrects, what's the difference between them?
Daniel.S 1 2 7
Hi there!


I'm terribly sorry çause I've just chimed in but I'd like to at least try to give you a clear-cut explanation over the differences between boths senteces:

1. "You're going to get taller than your dad in a few years"

In sentence number 1 it does convey an idea that within a certain period of time (let's jus call the boy Bob) the kid`s growth will reach a particular point and that from this particular point on he will somehow be enabled to get taller than his dad (as if it didn't happen before and now it does). At first, this sentece sounds a bit confusing.

2. "You're going to be taller than your dad in a few years."

Now, imo, sentence number 2 sounds better. We simply mention the fact that someday this is gonna happen no matter how long and unatural. Moreover, it's a prediction, so I would rather say something like "You will be taller than your dead" rather than using going + to structure.

Take care,

Gabi 1 1 15
Hi, thanks for the explanation Daniel.

And actually , I've done some thinking and you're guys are right. But the reason is quite simple.

"You ARE tall" -- verb to be

When Bob grows up, he could only BE taller. The verb to be is the only thing that should be used in this sentence.
No one gets taller, we could only be taller.

Thanks a lot,