Como dizer "Vou pôr o bebê para dormir" em inglês

Odair J.Q.Bezerra
Como dizer em inglês "Vou por o bebê para dormir".
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[Colocar, pôr] para dormir em inglês: put to bed


A. I'll just put the children to bed.
Vou colocar as crianças para dormir.

B. I'll put the baby to bed.
Vou pôr o bebê para dormir.

A expressão "put to sleep", que seria o equivalente literal, tem um sentido diferente de "put to bed", veja:

Put (someone or an animal) to sleep
1. To cause someone or an animal to sleep, perhaps through drugs or anesthesia. The doctor put the patient to sleep before the operation. I put the cat to sleep by stroking its tummy.
2. Euph. To kill someone or an animal. We had to put our dog to sleep. The robber said he'd put us to sleep forever if we didn't cooperate.

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True, "to put to sleep" may have a negative meaning. Nevertheless, it is commonly used. The big difference between "to put to sleep" and "to put to bed" is that "to put to sleep" implies that you will remain with the baby until he is asleep. "To put to bed" does not imply this; maybe you will leave the baby only after he is asleep and maybe you will leave after dressing him for bed, putting him in the crib, etc.
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Those are all great examples.

One more example that I can think of, because I have recently gone through the whole process, is to use: "to put somebody down". This is used for children who are quite young - no more than infants. You probably wouldn't use this expression for toddlers older than two or two and a half or so. Not only would you use it for that age of child, you might restrict its use to when the child is already asleep in your lap, or is very close to being asleep. "Putting them down" describes the entire process of getting up and taking the child to bed and putting them down into the bed for them to continue sleeping.

"Honey, give her to me. I'll put her down. Where's her pacifier?"

"Jake, be quiet! I just put Michael down. You'll wake him up!"

Be aware that, depending on the context, it can have the same meaning as "putting a pet to sleep" because of illness or old age - like they did to Marley.

"Mom, where's Buster?"
"Oh, honey, he got hit by a car and they had to put him down. He's in a better place right now."

Hope this helps!

Best to all,

Josh Cashill