Como dizer "voz grossa, voz fina" em inglês

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Como eu digo ‘voz grossa, voz fina’

Ex: Peter tem uma voz muito grossa, já Mary tem voz fina.

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I asked a Brazilian contact what voz grossa means and what voz fina means. If he gives me permission to reveal his identity, I will give him credit in a follow up post, since I will no longer be able to edit this one.

He said that grossa means strong. And fina means soft.

When talking about voices we use the following vocabulary:

His voice is:
loud, deep, booming, a voice that carries, a voice that commands respect

Her voice is:
soft, weak, hushed, timid

He speaks in a deep voice and is easily heard.
She speaks in a soft voice and is difficult to hear. I wish she would speak up more so I could hear her.

Voices can be raspy, clear, menacing, comforting, gentle, sweet, whining, petulant (literary usage).
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I think that "deep voice" is the one that comes closer to what "voz grossa" means.

I found "piping voice" for "voz fina".
Voz fina is usually annoying :)
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Thanks Favia. Since my Portuguese is not very good, I rely on you and the other collaborators to help me understand what exactly is being asked.

Piping voice

A shrill voice is also annoying.
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We also have "thick voice" and "thin voice" with similar meanings.
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Here is an example of the usage of thin voice:
Low register voice
High register voice.