Como eu digo em portuguese, Your price is too high

When shopping in the small shops in Centro, Jundiai I have often wanted to tell a person that their price on an item was to high, but did not know how to say "Your (or the) price is to high." In other words I would like to be able to "dicker" or bargain for an item, without insulting the shopkeeper. Dicker (ingles), nao confundir com Cintina Dicker, muito linda modelo, Rio Grande do Sul). ;) :lol:

Dicker = Bargaining = Pechinchar

Obrigado por sua ajuda.

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:oops: My question should have been "Your price is too high." Not "Your price is to high." Desculpe!
Donay Mendonça 22 102 1.5k


Está muito caro. ==> It depends on your tone of voice. Try to sound as polite as possible while saying this.
Está meio caro. ==>Less likely to insult.
Dá um desconto.==> Unlikely to insult.
Faz um descontinho.==>Polite request.
Dá para fazer mais barato?==> Usually polite request.

Boa sorte!
Muito Obrigado, Donay. Eu preferir "Da um desconto". It is shorter and easier to remember. ;)
Thomas 7 60 288
"To dicker" in Brazilian slang is "chorar" (to cry). When shopkeepers in other countries talk about Brazilians, it is one of the things they despise the most.

A good method that works well, regardless of the country or culture, is to agree that product is of very good quality and you would love to buy it, but you simply don't have the money. What a pity. The item is exactly what you need. This method (1) does not insult the seller who certainly doesn't want to hear that his article is not worth the asking price, and (2) gives good results.

I've seen hagglers upset sellers so much that the vendors would not sell the item to them at twice the price. The buyer wants the seller on his side, not as an opponent.

Here's a little trick that I often use. Although you have already gotten prices from five other sellers, you probably have no idea how much the profit margin is, how much the seller paid for it. ask for a special discount for six (or ten or twenty). If the seller wants $10 for his genuine Amazonian Indian widget, maybe you can get a price of $40 for five widgets. You know have a better idea what the profit margin is. Chances are, if you don't screw things up and get him ticked off at you, he will take $8 for one widget. ($40/5+$8) Be aware that the seller may not be the owner and has been given a price by the owner under which he cannot sell. If we are talking big bucks, it may be worth your time to return at a later time to speak to the owner. And get the seller smiling. Be pleasant and courteous. Someone in a good mood is more likely to be nice to you than someone who is tired of talking to tourists in loud shirts and tacky shorts.
Marcio_Farias 1 23 214
To those who have never seen a "loud shirt." Don't think of a shirt that "talks" loudly. No.

A loud shirt may attract unwanted attention because obtrusive or offensive in appearance. A jazzy multicolor pinstripe shirt does just that. You might also call a "loud shirt" a shirt having obnoxiously multicolored sleeves one shorter than the other or bearing one's most impressive mugshot minus a tooth. A "loud shirt" loudly warns you not to wear it or else your friends and strangers will roll on the floor laughing their butt off at it. For more than a week at least.
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