Como eu peço um tipo de cerveja em um pub inglês?

Hey guys! I've been wondering lately how I can order a type of beer in an English pub, however, I couldn't find the answer for it. So I'd like to know if you could tell me how I can order a type of a beer! Would it be like "can I have a Guinness?"? Or would it just be "can I have a beer?" Thank you guys, have a nice day!

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Hi Thaina, when you go to a real English pub you go straight to the counter and ask your order:

- A pint of Guinness, please (~ 568 ml)
- Half a pint of Guinness, please (~ 284 ml)

There are lagers (cerveja clara), bitter (similar à brasileira "Carioca") or dark beer / stout (cerveja preta).

You can also ask the attendant:
Which lagers / bitters do you have, please?

If you go to Scotland they will say "light" for lagers and "heavy" for bitter or dark beers.

Note: Always remember to say "please" and "thank you".
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Telma, I really have to thank you so much, you helped me a lot. I'll travel to England next week and I didn't even know how to order a type of beer. I want to visit a pub!!! Don't worry, I won't forget about these words! Thank you very much.
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Thaina, I'd like to add to the message that normally you pay when you get the beer. When the barman or barmaid gives you the drink, you will be told the price and you have to pay. There a few exceptions like restaurants.
A pint of Guinness in London should be about 4.50 + pounds.
When you get the change, check it before you leave the counter and if you have a doubt, say my favourite phrase "Can I have the rest please?". This happens specially if it's near closing time.
A counter in Britain is called " the bar ".
Enjoy your time there and, like in any country, be careful.
Have a wonderful time.