Como não tropeçar nas palavras na hora de falar inglês?

Quando vou falar inglês eu normalmente penso em português primeiro para depois pensar em inglês e falar a frase.
Isso me prejudica muito, pois eu percebi que demoro muito para falar a frase e quando eu falo normalmente ela sai errada, meio traduzida literalmente do português devido ao fato de eu pensar em português, e não em inglês.
Resumindo tudo isso, eu não consigo falar inglês corretamente, sempre cometo algum erro.

Como resolver isso?

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Some quick tips.

-Listen to CDs/DVDs, movies what you have in English. There plenty of conversations recorded with that end.

-Talk to somebody with a better knowledge, a native, a teacher, a friend with a higher level or better skill.

-Try not be nervous/anxious at the time you are talking. But, if you do, it´s normal. If you do, you still can let the other people know that you are a begginer/that you get at loss at times (when you admit it, you get less edgy - and people more sympathetic towards you.

-Just ignore little mistakes and go on, sometimes it´s better not stop the flow of a conversation just for a little thing.

-Study, listen, speak. Get yourself exposed to the language.
English takes time, but we know everybody was born without the necessary skills, with time everything get´s in place.

Others tips will come, let´s wait.
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Paz do Senhor,

Eu tenho uma outra dica (apesar de iniciante também).

Exercite falar/ouvir/ler/escrever todos os dias, não deixe intervalos, quanto maior o intervalo pior será.

Um experiência própria, tenho um amigo que tem me ajudado muito na conversação, nos falamos por telefone, e no início falava com ele quase todo dia. Ontem fui tentar falar com ele após um intervalo relativamente longo...... e veio o problema, "sumiram as palavras", não entendia o que ele falava e etc...

Sei que minha dica é básica, mas pratique todo dia (mesmo que por pouco tempo).

God bless you.
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I was thinking of situations like that when I said "get yourself exposed to the language".
Thanks for putting that within a specific day-to-day context, it helped indeed.

I would say it´s almost a a case-by-case thing, but there are some patterns that may or may not repeat itself. For instance:

College students should study more than the ones that study for fun.
Some interesting tips here (inclusive hints that Facebook may "cramp your "study" style" : ... e-studying

To, not-so-serious studies, I would say that don´t get away from books, sites, and English too much. It´s better be exposed to the language for two hours a day/seven days, than seven hours in single day of the week.
Tente pensar em frases prontas que você tem certeza que está correta, assim quando for se comunicar não vai precisar lembrar palavra por palavra.
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It´s a good tip. Also, watch movies, podcasts, read some, and in no time you will have a good repertoire of usual expressions. Ah, and there are lots of books with them out there, along with "travel cribs" of sorts, little books with the main travelling vocabulary. They won´t prevent you from "thinking in Portuguese", though. (Thanks Marcio, for warning me ;) , I was mispelling that one, typing "tough" he he)

I strongly advise you to train your English, by talking to somebody else, or even reading aloud to yourself. Or any other strategy for not keep "thinking in Portuguese" all the time.

There are several styles of learner, I am the verbal-visual one. So, I like watching videos (yet, less than writting or reading.)
I learn a lot by writting (in English as always as possible) and reading my writting out loud, trying to spot my mistakes.

Still on the visual side, I enjoy reading comics from time to time, for example, Dilbert etc.

Well, provided that it doesn´t keep you from studying, not all fun and no work!