Como parabenizar por escrito um aluno no teste?

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No Brasil gostamos de colocar perto da nota por escrito: Parabéns, muito bom, bom, muito bem...

Quais seriam as melhores formas em Inglês? Good, Very good, very well, congrats! Excellent... ( podem ser usadas ou são mais para dizer que estamos bem?)
Existem outras formas legais de parabenizar o aluno pela nota boa e se não for boa, fazer um comentário tbm? Tipo: You need / have to study more! You can do better...

Quais seriam as sugestões. Obrigado!
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Could also be:
That´s it!
Way to go! (way colloquial or slangy here, but doable)
First-class job./first class work.
I´m impressed!
You did that very well!
Keep it up!
You got it!

Obviously, NeyF is spot on. The most usual ones are those expressions.
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Well done.
Good job.
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Oh, I left out the "comment" thing!

At the end of an essay, or grading, etc, I think you can find something like:
Well done! You just need to work on punctuation more.

One could also use a method of sorts, categorizing in such a way:
Grade "A" - Outstanding.
Mastery of all major and minor objectives. (95% to 100% correct).

Grade "B" -Very good.
Mastery of all major and minor objectives. (85% to 94% correct).

Grade "C" - Satisfactory.
Mastery of almost all major objectives but only a few
Minor ones (75 to 84% correct)

Grade "D" - I saw elsewhere "very weak" but I would reword to "needs to improve" or something like this. Suggestions anyone?
-Mastery of only a few major & minor objectives; probably
Needs remedial work (65 to 74% correct)

U - Unsatisfactory (it could also be "insufficient" perhaps? Open to suggestions as well.
Insufficient mastery (<65% correct).

With that grading letter system, the questions (a test) or the paragraphs/passages (in a writing/essay) we could use symbols (with legends explaining on the bottom of the page). Or brief notes on the side of the line where there´s some mistake, mispelling , etc.

I think it can be given some leeway, but then this is how I would do. I can´t speak for the teachers that go by some schools, it would go by the 'rules of the house'. When in Rome do as the Romans do.

A friend of mine took a technical course abroad, the assessment was just "satisfactory" and "unsatisfactory", you passed or flunked. It was related to his profession, I wonder how they would know where they failed (the ones that flunked)... But then, if you study everything again, you will know!
Or it won't matter at all, you will learn everything one way or the other. :-)
The goal is not ashame a student that is scored D against the one that gets a full A++++++ with honours and distinction and red carpet. Not to mention the disappointment to the one that play second fiddle to him! :-)