Como dizer "Não teve nada demais nesse dia" em inglês

Para dizer a frase " Não teve nada demais nesse dia" em inglês, eu posso usar a expressa "not a big deal ", se sim como iria usar ela aí?

Na parte, " não teve" eu fiquei em dúvida se deveria usar "there wasn't " ou " it didn't have", ou nenhum dos dois

Na dúvida eu acabei escrevendo a frase assim
" On Wednesday, I went to work, I got home late, But nothing too much happened that day "
Estaria correto essa frase assim ? Se eu usasse "this day" invés de "that day" também estaria certo?

Obrigado desde já quem puder me ajudar com essas dúvidas.

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Nothing much happened that day.
Nothing special happened that day.
Nothing worth telling happened that day.
That was a pretty uneventful day.

Como posso dizer a frase " não teve nada demais nesse dia", eu posso usar a expressao " not a big deal", se sim, como eu poderia encaixar ela nessa frase ?

Na parte " não teve",   eu fiquei em duvida se é correto usar " there wasn't" ou para dizer isso deve feito de outra forma.

E na parte " nesse dia" devo usar " this day" ou " that day", ou isso é indiferente?
Leonardo96 17 260
Nothing much happened that day.
Nothing special happened that day.
There wasn't much that happened that day.
That was a pretty uneventful/forgettable day.
That was as bland and empty a day as any.
That was just an average day.
That was a day just like any other.
There was pretty much nothing worth writing home about that day.

You have many options, think of the overall context and have your head put it all together based on that, don't think of the specific individual words you'd use in Portuguese to express it and then formulate a sentence off of that by using the go-to words for each and every word and in the exact same order, just think in English. Of course that can work sometimes and there are sentences that have the same structure and word order, but having your brain directly function in English takes you to a whole new level and opens up your brain to a whole new world of possibilities, it allows you to be creative and have variety.
Certo, mas em relação ao "this day" e o " that day"
É indiferente usar um ou outro ? Ou mudaria o sentido cada um deles ?
Leonardo96 17 260
If something has already been mentioned it's best to refer to it as "that".

-what did last friday look like for you? Did you do anything interesting? (previous mention of the context at hand)
-nothing much happened that day ("that" is referring to something that has already been presented into the overall surrounding context that led up to the usage of it).

Overall the rule of thumb is that "this" functions like "isso" and "that" as "aquilo/aquele/aquela" etc. It doesn't always apply and they can be interchangeable at times, though. Don't bother trying to learn when exactly to use which the right way based off of any set written rules, just develop a natural feel for the language which comes with time.