Como se pronuncia a palavra "party"

Como se pronuncia a palavra "party"? Sempre tive dificuldade em pronunciar certo.

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pɑːti ( PARRI)

PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
Pronounce is a tricky thing, at least to me.
I could say, go to howjasay and you will have the pronounce you are seeking. ... mit=Submit

But then, I noticed it may come with a biased pronounce, kinda British I mean.
I have noticed the American pronounce has a certain trill (trinado) in the "R" that ressembles the one in the of some "paulistas" or people from Mato Grosso, the ones some "sertanejos" singers (of older extraction) sing.

To hear the "party" I am talking about, please click in the following link, there are seven English speaking people saying it (one at a time, of course) ;) .
I think seven different volunteers make a good sample, and may give an unbiased way of voicing the word.

Hope it helps.