Como substituir "who" por "that"

Nas seguintes frases, pode-se substituir o pronome "who" pelo pronome "that"?
Journalists, who also write ads, earn a lot of money.
The girl recognized the man who had committed the crime.
The sales girl told the manager who had stolen the dress.
Some advertisements show models who are quite exotic-looking.
One of the boys who visited us yesterday is a model.

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Hello Lucas,

Who is used for people. Which is used for things, and that can be used for either.

An interesting statement I found regarding such topic:
It is quite unfashionable to use that for people. (The consensus seems to be that using that for people is still acceptable in speech and informal writing, but you should avoid doing it in formal writing.)


- That's the guy who married Lisa.
- That's the guy that married Lisa.

As you can see, there is no big secret about it nor complex rules.
However, I when in a more formal context would rather use who instead of that.

Reference: ... at_who.htm

Tópico relacionado: that-x-which-x-who-significado-de-que-qual-a-diferenca-t1705.html

Take care!
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