Como usar a palavra "siblings"

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Hi fancy , I might've been unclear!

I meant we have to be careful in English when it comes to generalizing male/female.
In Portuguese I could say: "Tenho cinco irmãos, dois são homens e três são mulheres, sou o filho do meio".
In English is possible to say: "I have two brothers e three sisters."
I would say exactly that.

When I wrote..."É como no caso de filhos, se dissermos sons, são filhos "meninos" ...I meant the same happens in both examples, they do not have the same meaning though. I never said they do. :roll:

To sum up:
Sons and daughters are not just "sons", but you can generalize using children (common word).
Brothers and sisters are siblings (but the word is quite formal).
See, just comparison, not the same idea.
Your question is worth seeing... Keep up asking questions like that so we can learn together.


PS. Gilson, thank you for the answer.
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Thank you Gilson and Cinnamon for the corrections, sometimes we think we're right and then, someone comes and teach us the right way.

That's why I'm here, to learn !
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Posso dizer que estou reaprendendo no EE, com verdadeiros experts. ;)
We are all learning, this forum is reaaaallly great.