Conditional with obligation

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Rakell Grubert Pere escreveu:I asked if the first one is also correct, because it has "passive voice" in its structure, and my second question was: are both third conditional ? I'm sure they aren't 1st nor 2nd conditionals.

Okay, so 1) the first one is also correct and 2) they're both third conditional.

Both of the following would be correct to complete this sentence:
If I had not closed the birdcage door fast enough...
1) the cat could have eaten the bird.
2) the bird could have been eaten by the cat.

Does this answer your questions, Rakell?
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Yeah!!! Thank you very much!! :D

I'll give you my vote tomorrow,ok? I already voted three times today :cry:
well that is something I wanted to know too because I'd like to read some more examples, before posting here I googled third conditional to try and find some examples like the ones I asked about, however, I could only find examples that didn't have that obligation tone to it. So I figured here was the best place to ask...

I think it is impossible because I am here in the present talking about a future that didn't happen but it could have happened...