conspiracy of science-earth is growing

Hi there! I was searching in youtube some videos of this guy called Neal Adams. He is an incredible artist. Google it and you will see amazing draws by him of batman, made in 60's and 70's.
But,now he is also known as the man who believes that some of the main science theories accepted by the whole scientific community are in fact a conspirational farse. "They know, but are not telling you".
I tried to argue against his theory in the youtube comments. In part because I want to practice my english, in part because I hate the way he is trying to call attention to him, instead just keep the focus on the drawing board, where he is a genius.

Here is my first comment:

You are probably one of the top comic artists of all times. Your "theory" fits perfectly for a comic story or a movie. I'm not a scientist, but I'm able to see some problems with your hypothesis.For instance, how do you explain the earthquakes in some places of the world, but not in anothers? Obviously I'm asking this because, if your hypothesis was truth, all the tectonic theory is wrong, meaning that there are no convergent plates, meaning that you have to explain the mountain ranges too.

Here is his answer:

Yes, you are not a scientist. Fine, as a NON-scientist which would have MORE earthquakes, a growing planet or a planet that remains static?

Converging plates are necessary to a GROWING planet. Mountains, however are pushed upward from the RE-CURVING of crustal pieces to a flatter plane, so the upper few kms buckle into MT RANGES along compression (FOLDING) If continents CRASHED, NO MOUNTAINS would result. the continents are 40 km thick. Why would ONLY the TOPS buckle?

Here my answer to his answer:

What I said about earthquakes refers to the fact that the phenomenon just occurs in restrict areas in the globe. For instance, Chile and Haiti, countries that are supposed to be in areas of convergent plates. Here in Brazil there are no earthquake at all. If the planet is growing, the earthquakes would occur in random areas in the globe. How do you explain that?

His answer:

As I said, converging plates are a NATURAL RESULT of SPREADING PLATES! On a static Earth, why would you have EITHER?
The crust is loosely attached to the MANTLE by way of the DUCTILE Asthenosphere.
If the MANTLE grows evenly, like the CHICK, the CRUST cracks in ONE PLACE shoving the whole PIECE ASIDE (Like the broken egg-shell.) The CRUST is a hard dead shell the mantle GROWS atom by atom, molecule by molecule. 46 minutos atrás

I'm very sad seeing that my hero is a crazy guy...

What do you think about it? Please, point my english mistakes!

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hi mestreale

numa olhada rápida, notei:

how do you explain the earthquakes in some places of the world, but not in others?

if your hypothesis was true

Here in Brazil there are no earthquakes at all