Correção da frase: "The woman is opening the door..."

Jedson 90 2 2
I wrote the following sentence in Live Mocha:
  • "The woman is opening the door to her home."
Some people made the following corrections!
  • "The woman is opening the door to her house."
The is correct "Home" or "House"???

I will like to know which preposition is more appropriate for this part:
  • ...the door TO/AT/OF her home.
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Flavia.lm 4055 1 10 94

I guess all your questions can be solved in the following topics:

Always use the search box, right? ;)

Jedson 90 2 2
Ok Flávia, Thank you!!!

dlr 85
as for the preposition question, I think 'to' implies movement in some direction
-road to nowhere
-door to my house
-key to success

and generally 'of' implies ownership, possession, or place of origin
-door of my house = house door

So, 'to' and 'of' both work.
She opened the door of her house.
She opened the door to her house.