Correção das frases: "I made the cake of chocolate into frying pan."

Eu gostaria se saber se as seguintes frases estão corretas: I made the cake of chocolate into frying pan.
I made the cake of prestígio into frying pan.
I saw this recipe of cake on Youtube.It is simples, smooth and delicious.
Eu fiz um bolo de chocolate/prestígio feito na frigideira. Eu vi essa receita no youtube. Ele é simples, fofo e gostoso/delicioso.

Agradeço deste já pela ajuda.

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Leonardo96 17 250
Does the pan have wings? O.O Just a joke haha, a light-hearted one. You mean to say "frying pan".

You do need to make some adjustments in that sentence, other than that. First off, "chocolate cake" sounds way more natural and better than "cake of chocolate". Also, change "the" chocolate cake" for "a" chocolate cake. If the context is just about you saying you made a chocolate cake and nothing else. You could use "the" if you're naming a bunch of things you baked/cooked, for example. If the person you're talking to is already aware of what you made, that is, and you're describing/explaining how you made them or whatever other context that might fit into this. Moving on, the preposition "into" isn't the optimal one for this specific context. Go with "in" instead.

With all of that being said, here's the correct more natural version of that sentence:

I made a chocolate cake in the frying pan.