Correção de "For payment of the..."

Can I start a sentence using "FOR"?

For example: For payment of the invoice X, please send us the documents.

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Is your sentence okay? that´s something open to analysis and investigation, chances are that you have a paragraph and "for" would come up at some point.

Grammar Girl reminds us that many scholars believe that the "rule" of "banning/avoiding" the use of "FOR/AND/BUT"...,etc, was put in place because while teaching to children they perceived that they overdid the use of it.
But, is my sentence right? How could you write? How could I write?
The sentence is just that.

By the way, "THE" is also little used beginning a sentence.

Grammar Girl? Is it?

Cf. Grammar girl regras de gramática e truques para memorização em áudio
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See this payment policy:

Order Confirmation & Acceptance

When you place an order, you will receive an automatic e-mail confirming receipt of your order, and then an automatic confirmation of payment receipt upon payment. These emails will only be an acknowledgement and will not constitute acceptance of your order. Only when we confirm receipt of full payment and all order details, then we will send you final confirmation (“finalized”) from our sales team as to accept your order.

So, perhaps what you mean is something like this:
To confirm the receipt/placing of your order (NR) XXXX, please send us the transfer/payment confirmation copy and all order details by email to Upon confirmation we will send your final confirmation of the order.

But then, it´s just a way, there are several methods of payment, say by processing online with "on cart" ticking and then electronically made a "handshake" with your credict card companies, the shipping happening after confirming the said operation.

The way you worded it, would seem like the documents would pay the order. That is, you would be charged on a "document basis".
I need an email for ask to supplier send us correct documents for payment.

I always used "For payment..."
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If it´s working then it´s fine by me.
I started to use "To check payment status, please send an email to..."
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Sounds good to me.