Correção de Frase: nearly all tall people are kinder than short people

"Nearly all tall people are kinder than short people." Esta frase está certa? Faz sentido? Se não como ficaria?

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Nearly all people that are tall are kinder than their shorter counterparts.

A word of caution, though. "Nearly all people" has a ring of generalization, you are almost being categorical about something. Many people would soften that by stating "on average taller people are kinder than their shorter counterparts." or "seemingly/it's common sense/it's a general belief (so the belief of a group, there's no unanimity when it comes to beliefs/schools of thinking.)

Just an aside, though. The sentence is fine grammatically and can be used, one can even say it and think in less categorical terms. As we say in Portuguese "todo mundo" but in a self-referencing way (that is, meaning 'our group' or that one of our circle of acquaintances and friends. :-)
But be aware that someday the listener may reply you with that counter argument...just pointing that out!
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Inicial maiúscula "Nearly".
Redundância da palavra "people", pode substituir por "ones".
Nearly all tall people are kinder than short ones.