Correção de frase religiosa

Gostaria de saber se esta frase em inglês está correta:

We have to know the people and the human things for love them,
But we have to love God and the divine things for know them.

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My version here, others may offer other ways to say that.

One has to get to know people and the human nature to love them, but one has to have be familiar with the love of God and of divine things to know them.

Instead of "to be familiar with the love..." could be "one has to experience the love of God/one has to truly have the love of love God in his life" etc.

Outside of that, it would sound a bit "empty" and even contradicting some of writers before our times:
We cannot truly love God until we know Him.

I understand that you wanted to use a wordplay with "know" and "love"; so that was my way of making it match to what you asked.
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Thanks a lot...
I really wanted to know that!
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You are welcome. And while at it, I must thank you all that have interacted and given some kind of participation. Wether coming to the site, bringing up your questions, voting, or giving your feedbacks.
I am genuinely glad with the level of participation and collaboration here and happy that we have such incentive to the learners of English in Brazil.