Correção de frase: ''they approach a wide variety of topics for...''

GiovanaSP 20
Let's suppose that I want to write the following sentence:

Eles abordam uma ampla variedade de tópicos para falantes de inglês iniciantes.

Can I translate it this way?

They approach a wide variety of topics for beginning English speakers.
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GiovanaSP 20
No problem. The answer was awesome anyway!
PPAULO 58990 6 45 1055
Yep. It would be understood, if you want it more 'colorful' or even natural then it could be also:

"They approach a wide range of topics for beginning-level students (of English).

"They approach a wide range of topics for English beginning-level students."

And other ways.

A course, or book author that knows his book comes with audios in a CD/DVD (what media you have), etc. Could state:
Our English conversation lessons cover a wide range of topics and are designed for those who want to learn to communicate freely in day-to-day English.
I saw it elsewhere and adjusted to English, that example narrows it a bit to the conversation skills. But necessarily has to be this way. It could be that the author had already mentioned something about the lessons in a general way.
PPAULO 58990 6 45 1055
I meant "but it doesn't necessarily have to be that way.", sorry my blunder.
PPAULO 58990 6 45 1055
Thanks for your generosity and kindness.