Correção de frases: The present tenses

Hi guys!

Estou usando um livro para estudos..
E criei algumas frases de acordo com os tempos verbais e tipo de usos.
Aceito sugestões e dicas. Muito obrigado mesmo =)

[habitual actions]
- I go to work every day
- We visit a museum every month
- She eats good food every mornings.
- He plays video game all nights

[planned future actions]
- The job starts tomorrow
- I travel tomorrow
- She goes at the party
- The race finishes this weekend

[with static verb]
- I like pizza
- She believes only in a God
- It smells wonderful
- I remember playing you

[actions that are happening at the time we speak]
- It's raining
- Shes's playing volleyball
- Look at: He's scoring a goal
- My car is stopping

[on going actions taking place at the present time]
- He's learning guitar at school
- She's working in a project in her office
- They're training in their club
- I am reading a novel at library

[plans in the immediate future]
- We are playing football tonight
- They're going out later
- It's raining in fews minutes
- The flight is coming

[will just for recently completed actions]
- He has just gone
- They have just left
- She has just cooked
- We have just watched the dishes

[recent past actions when the time that not specified]
- We have won that championship
- She's worked with sales
- I have played the Sim City
- He's driven a kart

[completed actions in a period of time that includes the present]
- He has played this year 10 times
- We have eaten 5 times today
- They have won 3 times of us this week
- I have come to home once time this week

[with for, since, ever and never with time expression; lately, recently, always occasionally, several times, all my life for a long time]
- I've been in your house since last summer
- They've been in city for 2 years
- She has been in London several times
- He have never been in Amsterdam
- I've worked for a long time

[actions that began in the past and are still continuing]
- I've been trying finish this game a few days
- She's been working for that company for months
- They're been training to Olympic Games since 2014
- He's been studying English for 3 hours

[repeated actions in the immediate past]
- She's been taking a shower all morning
- They have been cooking every day after work
- I have been exercising in the GYM all weekends
- My mom has been cooking delicious food all Sunday

[actions that began in the past and may well continue]
- I have been studying for 3 hours already
- I've been doing this project since last month already
- They have been walking in downtown for hours already
- The war has been starting since last week already
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