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Statisticians of the abortion in the United States

I number of abortions per year: approximately 1,313,300 in year 2000 (1)

I number of abortions per day: approximately 3.700

Who carries through the abortions:

1. Age

52 _ of the women has inferior age the 25 years
Women with ages between 20 and 24 enter 32 _ of the totality of 20 abortions _ are adolescent being 1,2 _ less than 15 years

2. Civil state

64,4 _ of all the abortions are attributed the women who had been never married the married women enter 18,4 _ of all the divorced abortions and 9,4_

3. Familiar income

Minor of 15.000 € - 28,7 _ 15,000 € - 29,999 - 19,5 _ 30,000 € - 59,999 - 38,0 _ Above of the 60,000 - 13,8_

4. Reasons

Breaking or incest - 1_
Potential problems of health (mother or embryo) - 6_
Corporate names (i.e child not desired or inconvenient) - 93_

5. Period of gestation where the abortion is carried through

Before 9ª week - 52_
9ª and 10º weeks - 25_
11ª and 12ª weeks - 12_
13ª to 15ª week - 6_
16ª to 20ª week - 4_
After 20ª week - 1 _ (approximately 16,450 per year)

6. Probability of abortion

They is esteem that 43 _ of the women will go to carry through at least an abortion before reaching the 45 years of age 47 _ of all the abortions are carried through in women who already had carried through an abortion previously

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I am perfectly aware you have presented this text in 2008 and I am sure you did very well in your presentation, however I think it is a good opportunity to review some concepts of English grammar and statistical calculations.

If you request us to make corrections, especially technical texts, please present the original text, and then your translation into English. It is a way to help English Experts collaborators to present answers more precisely. When we deal with technical texts or presentation, references are the utmost importance, especially nowadays.

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1) statistic
>> estatística [número].

2) statistics
>> Estatística [ciência].

3) statistician

Meaning: A statistician works with theoretical or applied statistics; a profesional who uses mathematical techniques to analyze and interpret data and draw conclusions.
>> Significado: Um analista (estatístico(-a)) trabalha com ciência estatística aplicada ou teórica; um profissional que utiliza técnicas matemáticas para analisar e interpretar dados e tirar conclusões.

4) statistical

Meaning: of, relating to, based on, or employing the principles of statistics.
>> de, relacionado(-a) a, baseado(-a) em, ou que emprega os princípios da Estatística.

5) surveillance
>> vigilância; fiscalização.

6) approximately
>> aproximadamente.

7) approximate
>> aproximado(-a).

8) nearly
>> quase.

Note: When used as adverbs, specially in statistical data, approximately means imprecise but close to in quantity or amount, whereas nearly means with great scrutiny.

9) to carry something out
[phrasal verb]
>> (1) realizar algo, levar algo adiante;
>> (2) cumprir (com) algo [promessas, ordens];

10) to carry something through
[phrasal verb]
>> levar algo a cabo [informal];
>> seguir à risca.
>> completar algo com sucesso.


A) Legal abortions have been carried out in Northern Ireland since April 9, 2020.
>> Os abortos legais têm sido realizados na Irlanda do Norte desde 9 de abril de 2020.

B) Doctors who carry out legal abortions should not face criminal sanctions, says BMA (The British Medical Association).
>> Os médicos que realizam abortos legais não devem enfrentar ações criminais, diz a BMA (A Associação Médica Britânica).

C) It’s a tough job, and we’re relying on you to carry it through.
>> É um trabalho difícil, e contamos com você para concluí-lo com sucesso.

11) to account for something
[phrasal verb]
>> representar / explicar algo.

A) Labor costs account for 40% of the total.
>> Os custos de mão-de-obra representam 40% do total.

B) Students account for the vast majority of our customers.
>> A grande maioria de nossos clientes são estudantes.
>> Os estudantes representam a grande maioria de nossos clientes.


Abortion statistics in the United States, 2000

Number of abortions per year: 857,475 abortions (in 2000) [reported legally at CDC (Centers for Disease Control)].
Number of abortions per year: approximate 1,313,300 (in 2000) [1].
Number of abortions per day: approximate 3.598 [2]

The women who obtained legal abortion were:

1. Age

52% of the women under 25 (years) approximately.
[33% of them were from 20 to 24]

Women aged under 15 years were known to have obtained less than 1.0% of all abortions around 48 areas, including the District of Columbia and New York city where age was reported; Women between the ages of 15 and 19 accounted for about 19% of all abortions; About 25% of abortions were obtained by women who were 30 or older. Calculating abortion rates, older teenagers and young adults had the highest abortion rates, while women younger than 15 and older than 35 had the lowest.

2. Civil state

83% of unmarried women;
67% of all the abortions were attributed to the women who had been never married;
16% corresponds to separated, divorced and widowed. [3]

3. Family income

88% were from metropolitan areas;
57% had some college education;
57% were low-income. [4]



[1] There is not a lot of hard data on abortion available for 2000-2002, except for a short report on the demographic characteristics of women choosing abortion in 2000 appearing in the September/ October 2002 edition of the journal Perspectives in Sexual and Reproductive Health (formerly Family Planning Perspectives), and a preliminary AGI estimate of 1,313,300 abortions for 2000 given in that article [see reference nº 3];

[2] If we divide 1,313,300 by 365 days, the result is 3,598 approximately. The number 3,700 corresponds to the unsafe abortions in Latin American and the Caribbean, according to WHO (World Health Organization) in 2006 [see reference nº 5];

[3] Married women were significantly less likely than unmarried women to resolve unintended pregnancies through abortion [see reference nº 7];

[4] In case we need to present statistics by salary rate, the reference should be related to USA data only. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to find those statistcs in any of the references I consulted on. I enjoy this moment to ask you to present the reference you had used in this topic. Follow the corrected sentence anyway:

28.7% (of those families earned) less than 15,000 €.
19.5% (of those families earned) between 15,000 € and 29,999 €.
38% (of those families earned) between 30,000 € and 59,999 €.
13,8% (of those families earned) more than 60,000 €.

It should be remembered that the euro-dollar exchange rate closed US$ 0,90 in December 2000 [see reference nº 10].

[5] I wasn't able to find the reference about reasons for abortion in the USA in 2000. However, I also enjoy this opportunity to highlight some examples how you should present the reasons. I have never heard the expression corporate names. If I'm not mistaken the correct term should be share surnames in case we want to specify a situation when a woman didn't want to put the child's father's surnamene on. Follow the example:


93% (of the abortion were related to) unwanted children or unintended pregnancy;
6% (of) potential health problems (ended in abortion);
1% were caused by breaking or incest.

[6] Measure of week and gestation

52% (of the abortion happened) before the 9th week;
25% (of the abortion happened) between the 9th and 10th weeks;
12% between the 11th and 12th weeks;
6% (of the abortion occured) from the 13th to 15th week;
4% (of the abortion occured) from the 16th to 20th week;
1% after the 20th week.

Note: The number 16,450 is an approximate number of abortions happened with women over 21 in 1992 in the USA [see references nº 1 and 11].

[7] Before we start a discussion over abortion, I believe it is important to highlight the differences between miscarriage and abortion. When a woman have a miscarriage, she has it unintentionally. In other words, it happens naturally different from when she has an abortion, which means she induced her pregnancy.

The phrasal verb to carry through something means to bring to a successful end; to complete something and it is not appropriate in discussions about the abortion. It will lead to a lot of misunderstandings. The more serious a discussion can be, our vocabulary must be very accurate and objetive.

Abortion rate

The analysts put the number of the women will have a miscarriage before reaching the age of 45 at 43% and the number of the women who already had an abortion at 47%.



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Note: The number 16,450 is an approximate number of abortions happened with women over 21 in the USA in 1992 [see references nº 1 and 11].

[7] Before we start a discussion over abortion, I believe it is important to highlight the differences between miscarriage and abortion. When a woman have a miscarriage, she has it unintentionally. In other words, it happens naturally different from when she has an abortion, which means she induced it her pregnancy.