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A gate was opened; Alda in her Peugeot, was waiting it open at the same time as Sandro went by foot on the entrance. He come by bus because his car was being repaired, was entering the property through a smaller door. The vehicle just arrived the courtyard. Alda saw a Mercedes, parked your car close to it; she left the Peugeot and locked the door.

Um portão era aberto; Alda, no seu Peugeot, estava à espera ao mesmo tempo em que Sandro entrava a pé pela portaria. Ele, que viera de ônibus, porque o seu carro estava em manutenção, ingressava no imóvel por uma porta menor. O veículo entrou, e já estava no pátio. Alda avistou um Mercedes e foi estacionar o carro próximo a ele; Ela apeou do Peugeot e trancou a porta.

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My correction:
The gate was open; Alda was inside her Peugeot and was waiting it to open, but at the same time as Sandro was coming on foot from the street. He came by bus, because his car was being repaired, and got in the property through a small entrance gate.
The vehicle just got the street when Alda saw a Mercedes, and she decided to park her car close to it; she got out of the Peugeot and locked the door.

My questions for you:
Why did she leave her car? If she was leaving, why did she park her car just in front of her house? Did she change her mind? What made her to change her mind? What made her to stop in front of the house? What connection is there between her and Sandro? Where did she go? And the Mercedes, in what way it was connected to your story?
You must give more arguments. You must develop more your ideas. Your story must have a connection. Ok?

My suggestion:

The gate was open; Alda was inside her Peugeot and was anxiously waiting it to open, because she had an important appointment. When she was passing through the gate, she saw Sandro coming into the property. He came on foot, because his car was at the garage (oficina mecânica) being repaired. He was so absorbed in his thoughts that he didn’t notice her there.
Alda had a difficult decision to make: to leave to attend the scheduled doctor’s appointment or to back her car up and talk to Sandro?
She backed her car up (deu ré) and came into the house unnoticed .She desperately needed to talk to him. She hardly had entered into the living room, when she heard Sandro talking to a woman on the phone. He seemed very passionate.
Alda had just confirmed all her suspicions. Sandro was having an affair.
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Grammar explanation:

The door is open. Open here is an adjective and not a verb. ok? ... -or-opened