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Tell me about your last movie have you seen

I recently watched The Caverna. It’s a Brazilian movie. The film was only based in two or three books, I’m not sure. The genre of the movie is sci-fi with romance and drama. It’s basically a story about a man who can predict his life. An alien came to our planet in 1890 for research, but he just lived for forty days in the earth. He died in a little farm house. After a hundred years a man, Jorge (Vagner Moura), found your body which is similar a human body, but with contact alien body he increased mind power. He didn’t know that moment..

I can’t tell you about all story but he sometimes can predict what will happen and change the choice of his life and also fall love for a poor woman who has the same power. And he was confused about the choice. Anyway, I love this movie. You should watch it. It’s really a great movie.


Obs.: inventar o filme faz parte da atividade.

Thanks in advance.

= )

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*Tell me about the last film you have seen
**Earth (uppercase)
***found his body...
****falls in love...

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Tell me about the last movie you have seen.

I have watched the Caverna recently. Its a brazilian movie. The film was based on some books. It is basically a sci fi movie with some drama and romance. The plot is about a man who can foresee happenings in his life.
Everything starts when an alien lands on the Earth in 1980 in order to make a deep research, though, the alien just lives for 40 days and then pass away.
After a hundred of years, Jorge, the main, character, finds its dead body, which is quite similar to human being. When Jorge touches on the alien body, he gains power.
I cant tell you the whole story but he changes his destiny by changing his choices while he foresses situations. In the end, he falls in love with a poor woman who has the same ability of Jorge, what it makes him confused about his choices.....
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