Correção de texto: Carta motivacional Erasmus

"Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Pedro Miguel, I’m a 19 years old Portuguese student from Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP) currently studying Electrical Engineering in the second year of my degree. I hereby present my application to participate in the European Project Semester, from the Erasmus Student Exchange Programme, on the last semester of my degree.
The motivations that lead me to apply to this enriching experience are:

• Be able to travel to another country and contact with different cultures and people, learn about their backgrounds and lifestyle habits and also share my culture with them.
• Improve myself and therewith my CV, get to know new methods to solve problems and enhance my employability. This programme will help me to achieve this purposes.
• Advance my English and learn new languages, which will be very helpful to my future career.
• The good references that my colleagues have been given me of the Erasmus Student Exchange Programme.

I look forward to join you in your country and work with other students that have the same motivation as I have.
Pedro Miguel"

Agradecia se me pudessem corrigir ou dar uma opinião sobre a estrutura da minha carta motivacional, por favor. Obrigado! :)
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IN tha last semester of my GRADUATE degree;
BE IN contact with;
TO learn about their backgrounds...;
(get > drop out it) to know new methods;
this PROGRAM will help me to achieve THESE purposes;
CONFIRM THOSE good references that my colleagues have been GIVING me ON/ABOUT;
with other students WHO have the same motivation THAT I DO.