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Yesterday there was (1) the presentation of my undergraduate research. Let me explain the project: basically, it consisted of robot assemblies (2) in which, we used robotics components/parts of low cost. The work was simple, that is, we had to make a presentation of a/some high-school project and describe it step-by-step, as we were assembling it or making the experimentation. We could even include the use of guides to that effect.

(1) Can I write "Yesterday was the day..."?
Yes, I think so. But you could also put this way “Yesterday was the undergraduate research presentation day...” or “...Yesterday was our undergraduate research presentation day.” To, me seems a little more natural.
Let´s wait more comments on that, though.

(2) Any better word? There is always another way(s) to skin that cat. I suggested the written above, although, there will be other ways.

(3) How can I express the ideia of "justamente"? Like "I was expecting justamente o oposto." Pensei em exactly.

It happened exactly the opposite way from what I had expected/precisely the opposite of what I had expected.


However surprisingly for me, the worst grade was in the writing part – rather the opposite of what I had expected.

However surprisingly for me, the worst grade was in the writing part –It ended up happening exactly the opposite/- it happened quite the opposite of what I had thought (at the beggining).

And other ways. Let´s wait more comments.
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Hi, Paulo, thanks for the answer.

I'm thinking how I will train my writing in the next 6 months. It seems to me that writing a diary isn't as efficient as I've thought, mainly because almost days I live look the same :lol:

Anyway, I've installed a program called Anki. It's used for flashcards and can be installed in cell phones. It have been very useful.

These days I've done also a test in English Grammar in Use that says to me what chapters I have to study.
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Oh I know, well I don´t know exactly what you are getting at...anyway, I can guess what how you feel. So, perhaps you feel like you wading in some waters, like crossing a river with water up to the neck.
That is, you may be stunned by the sheer number of things to recall when writting, things like grammar, coherence, coesion, etc.

Maybe it´s a good idea to buy and use some book(s) designed exclusively to writting. Exploring Through Writting by ANN RAIMES, St. Martin Press New York
or Writting and Grammar - Communication in Action by Ruby Level Handbook Edition, Prentice Hall press. could be a good idea or any other that aim to hone that skill in ESL students. I got these in second-hand bookstores, so you might find them even in such bookstores, even online, maybe.
Well, just an idea here, if those don´t help you maybe it be of service to others in the future.

And don´t forget to hone your other skills as well, don´t forget the listening, speaking etc.
I wish you good luck on your exam. :P