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The financial conditions in brazil has been very difficult, I mean there are no much job as used to have before, So many people unemployed and searching for a opportunity, My Dad and I are unemployed and we're between jobs, My dad was leader of production before and I'm trying to work in some English School, because I could help the beginners with their pronunciation, But the schools there is no many pupil and is difficult to find vacancy like that and thus probably I ought to find another job, the example of my family isn't worse, I mean I have a friend from São Paulo and he said that his family don't have income, they are surviving by helping from another people and it's so bad, I'm really concerned about the economy of our country and of course I'm afraid.

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Brazil is on the verge of experiencing a financial and political crisis (coincidence here, since generally there are plenty of political crisis around here and abroad - without coming hand-in-hand with economical crisis), I mean, there are not much available job as they were before.

Now there are an unusual number of people unemployed and searching for some opportunity. My Dad and I are unemployed and we're (**between jobs), my dad was a production line supervisor; as for me (***), I am trying to work at some English School, because I could be of help to beginners, mostly to help them check out their pronunciation.
But schools here don´t have many pupils, and it is difficult to find jobs like this. So, probably I ought to/should(1) find another job.
As far as I know (2) there are other people that aren´t faring better than my family, I mean I learned that a family of one friend of mine, in São Paulo that currently, don't have any income. They get by with the help of each other people (3).
Our economy is in bad shape, I'm really concerned about it, and of course I'm afraid.

**Did you mean, searching for a job or something? I wonder why the "between jobs". Perhaps trying to find a new job/position etc...
Well, the main information was conveyed, that you are unemployed.

*** I added "as for me" because it linked two, somehow, separate ideas - your dad being unemployed and you trying your luck with a new position. The way it was, one could read and think "what one thing has to do the other?", or to think ''your dad don´t look for another job? has he thrown the towel?" etc...
Somehow it had that feeling of some interruption of thought, and then other idea abruptly being presented (on the same paragraph.)

(1)My choice of word would be ''should". "Ought", to my thinking, rings as you were giving advice or recommending something strongly. But then, it´s just an educated guess of mine.

(2)I used the "AFAIK", to hint that you know some such cases in your family, you can´t, or possibly don´t know what is happening to all your family members. Even with financial crisis, one could hit the jackpot or get a cushion job, and this had passed under your radar.
By the way, you made a sentence in wich you problably said the opposite of what you meant: the example of my family isn't worse
If it´s not worse, they are better off than you and your dad, see?

(3) Mutually (generally with more than two people in a group) - each other.

There are some topics that you need to train, some that I have not dealt with; but are equally important. Such as: the use of capital letters to initiate names of countries, prepositions, etc...
Let´s wait for further opinions, comments, what they have.
Good luck on your studies.
I really thank you Paulo, the majority of time I forget which way I should write, you're right, I must learn much more and train a lot of, and repeating, you're great in English, a real English expert, so do you know some site where I could learn more vocabularies ? I'm Reading many things already, but if you know somewhere where I could improve much more I would be glad.
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