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Diego Verciani
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Every person who starts studying English as a foreign language wants to, one day, achieve fluency in the language, and to get this, they need to improve several abilities. During the learning, focusing on every area of linguistic is essential to understand the purpose of communication, regardless of the way. It is because they are connected and influence each other. One of those areas is writing, which usually is more difficult to understand due to several reasons, but it necessarily needs to be practiced in order to help improve others skills and achieve fluency in the language. The importance given to focusing on every linguistic area is because all of them are connected and when practiced together, support improving each other.
That is why writing is a skill that needs to be improved with others language approaches, such as reading and spoken discourse. The first one helps the process of writing because enriches the vocabulary of the student and turns simpler some processes such as creating sentences and writing a clear piece of text. Nevertheless, the amount of shared knowledge between those skills is much less than what we usually found between writing and speaking. Richards (1990) explains that speaking needs a background knowledge about a topic to be shared between the interlocutors, different from writing, where those assumptions usually cannot be made. Owing to this one and other characteristics, writing is an “autonomous system”, which has its own rules and structure, and make students understand those characteristics is a great challenge for teachers.
While writing in the first language involves several steps until the final draft, the same process needs to be done when we write in a second language with its particulars issues. Before that, teachers need to turn the learning simpler than it seems, using strategies that make students do an efficient writing process. An approach that involves grammar, syntax and communication improving is essential to achieve fluency in writing skill. Considering that world increasingly turns globalized and the communication among people from different cultures is a reality, learn to communicate efficiently in a foreign language is essential to everyone. Therefore, it is clear that the approach of teaching writing is important to improve this ability in students.
Badger & White (2000) defends that teachers need to “draw out” the learner’s potential, such as the cognitive development of mother language. Thus, they turns the learning process simpler. To help teachers in writing classes, there are several approaches to be practiced in order to help students improve this skill. All of them should aim set up a course that asks students to write for several purposes and audiences, besides develop their personal growth, becoming then in writers which can reflex about their experiences and express their ideas. Thus, an efficient teaching writing approach needs to go beyond the traditional purposes found in writing classes, it also have to make students develop social networks and communicate in an adequate way, that is, support their social growth.
In sum, writing is not an easy skill to learn because it is not simply write a piece of text, it is more than that. It is a communicate relationship between the writer and the reader, and to be done in an efficient way, needs a preparing from who is writing. To support this process, teachers need to make students, in writing classes, use their background knowledge following some rules in order to write a piece of text clear and objective. Thus, the importance of teaching students how to write in the EFL classroom it is the same that teaching them how to communicate and express themselves in a foreign language, requiring much patience from the teacher, discipline from the student and dedication from both of them.
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Thalyson Teixeira1 90
Você escreveu "a background knowledge" no meio do texto, mas você deve escrever "background knowledge". Apenas usa o numeral ou artigo "a" para coisas contáveis.

No texto há uma parte como "It is because they are connected and influence each other", mas na verdade era para ser "It is because they are connecting and influencing each other" ou "it is because they are connected and influenced by each other".

Há uma parte onde está escrito "Thus, they turnS the learning process simpler." Repare bem no verbo"turns", você deverá trocá-lo por "turn". Pois "They turns" é mal visto, já "They turn" é bem visto.
Exemplo: They cry. He cries.