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Hobbies are activities that people do just for pleasure or relaxation. I could identify three types of hobbies: (1) the artistics on, such as painting, sculpting, dancing, etc; (2) the sportive ones, such as swimming, skiing, racing, etc; (3) the passive ones, such as whatching TV, listening to music, reading, etc.
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One could identify three types of hobbies:

We could identify three types of hobbies:

It´s possible to identify three types of hobbies:

There are three types of hobbies:

Most common types of hobbies are:

In this work/essay I am going to identify three (most usual/most known/most commom) types of hobbies:

In this work/essay/study/paper etc...I am going to list the three main types of hobbies:

Please consider taking "I'' from your essays, it´s not advisable when in academical texts. If you don´t meant a text with an academical (or more formal) streak, then go ahead.
When you use the pronoun "I" you leave your writing a bit much personal. That, in general, but there will be some texts that it´s almost unavoidable, but not in the above case.