Correção de texto: It has been seven years

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I would keep that chunk intact as it was. To my thinking it conveys better the idea of “que...o blog que eu havia acabado de criar”. “Just” really do the trick there.

Paulo, I happened upon your observations while reading through the thread, and you are most certainly correct. I usually retype the original text while proofreading, and I accidentally left out the "just". It's obviously not incorrect - if anything, omitting it modifies the intended meaning of the original sentence. I also agree that "on that Friday afternoon" would be a better choice in this case. Keep the insights coming!
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Hey! no sweat.
Sometimes I get it right, sometimes you and others do. But then, I love this, we learn of each others. ;)
I myself, have learned a lot with you around.

Ah, and yess! I have been victim of copy-paste sometimes, out of haste. You know, these are modern and hectic times! :lol: