Correção de texto: Love story

Bom esse foi literalmente o meu primeiro texto em inglês, gostaria da avaliação de vocês no que venho errando para que possa corrigir os meus erros e melhorar o meu "Learning English". Thanks a lot.

Destroy myself

I'll try to forget you, because I see your sadist rage and it's not confortable... My world is broken when you say : no! You kidding with me? I'd was very happy as your have invited me to party, and miraculouse you destroy my dreams as a earthquake! I can't smille again , because you took off it me. But I don't lose the control ... Maybe I should, but I could not help think in your crying face, and It's as freezing it in my actions. Because I Love you... And it's my sin.

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My corrections are shown below:

Destroying myself

I'll try to forget you, because I see your *sadist rage (?) and it's not comfortable... My world falls apart when you say : No! Are you kidding with me? I was very happy when you invited me to the party, and miraculously you destroyed my dreams like an earthquake! I can't smile again, because you took it off me, but I didn't lose control ... Maybe I should, but I could not help thinking about your crying face, and **my actions are frozen because I love you... And that is my sin.

*I don't know what you mean by "sadist rage".

**I think that this is what you mean on this part.
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Hi there, Kieda. I agree with Telma on that one, "sadistic rage" is more associated with criminal personality profiling. To talk about someone that delights in torturing others, generally as a release mechanism (then generally his hate/comtempt for others builds again and gets worse).
So, it suggests a criminal or maniac thing.

Perhaps you mean "because I see your frequently snapping over little things"/...your angry outbursts over small things..."?
because of your frequently snapping over little things.